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About Me

Welcome! I'm Emily Laugle, your Stress Mastery Health Coach. My passion is to encourage and empower women in their 30s-50s, navigating the sandwich years of life, to step into their truth, purpose, and health. As a coach, I am dedicated to helping women reclaim their energy, prioritize their dreams, and excel in their roles, all while loving their lives.

Who I Serve

Women in the Sandwich Years

Life in the sandwich years can be overwhelming, with the dual responsibilities of raising children and taking care of parents. Many women in this phase struggle to prioritize themselves and their health, often putting their dreams and goals on hold. I specialize in showing these women that they can prioritize themselves, fulfill their roles as mothers, wives, daughters, and business executives, and still pursue their dreams.

Women in Business, Healthcare, and Career Change

For women in business, healthcare professionals, or those considering a career change, I offer support to break through the barriers that hold them back. If you feel like your life is a skipping record, waiting for that next verse to come, but it's just not happening, I'm here to lift that needle, toss the old record, and set you on a smooth and clean path.

What I Offer

Transform Stress into Serenity, Chaos into Clarity

I help women minimize self-doubt, fear, and transform stress into serenity. Together, we turn chaos into clarity and obstacles into opportunities. My coaching is designed to support you in creating efficiencies in your everyday life, harmonizing your personal and professional responsibilities, and pursuing your dreams with newfound energy.

Reclaim Your Worth and Identity

If you're feeling distant from your purpose, lost sight of who you are, or stuck in stories that no longer serve you, it's time for a change. I guide you to become clear, set healthy boundaries, connect with your worth, and rediscover your identity. You're worth it, and it's time to stop feeling pushed down and made small.

Safe Space for Healing and Growth

In my coaching, I create a safe environment for women to open up, reveal, heal, and move forward in their wellness journey. I shine a light on your path to help you cultivate clarity, purpose, desires, and foster the confidence to build the circuitry to feel safe and trust yourself.

Ready to Move Forward?

If self-doubt, self-sabotage, fear, worry, or a lack of self-worth are keeping you where you are, you're not alone. Many women are ready to move forward in life but have no clue where to start. Together, we'll embark on a journey to transform your life, create lasting change, and help you step into the confident, empowered woman you're meant to be.

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Holistic Health Coaching does not constitute medical treatment and is not a substitute for a medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. If you are dealing with a serious health condition check with your health care provider before seeking health and wellness coaching and make sure you inform your coach of any health conditions that may affect the work.

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